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About DS Performance Group

Doug Peters and Dr. Robert Hardy created DS Performance Group to bring innovative approaches to human performance in business and industry; approaches that yield dramatic increases in performance that can be sustained over time.

Doug and Bob bring over 50 years of “applied research” in the “trenches” of human performance. DS Performance Group brings this experience and learning together to create innovative and creative products and services that are both practical and pragmatic.

Our approach to business is to establish partnerships with clients who share a common goal of achieving dramatic and sustainable increases in performance. Therefore we provide custom products and services that meet the specific needs of specific clients and strive to create long-term relationship where we share a sense of personal ownership and commitment to do the right things for the business, right the first time.

The Age of Ages

We are keenly aware that we are in a transition from the Industrial Age to the Information & Communication Age. Fueled by globalization and information technology, this transition is creating a dynamic and highly competitive global market place; a marketplace where organizations must move @ the speed of thought to adjust to learning and changing circumstances or risk being left behind. In this new world the large and stable Industrial Age organization is rapidly becoming the slow moving dinosaur of an Age that moves @ the speed of thought.

Since only people think, the transition to a world that moves at the speed of thought is dramatically changing the role of people in organizations. The successful organization of the 21st Century will require people that are:

  1. Self-directed in their actions,
  2. Work collaboratively to do the right things for the business, and
  3. Are empowered to respond to learning and changing circumstances without always having to ask for permission.

We see this transition, and the chaos it is creating, much like Henry Ford saw the transition from the Craft Age to the Industrial Age — as a tremendous opportunity to change the basis of competition for those who get there first. Therefore we are passionate about creating agile and responsive organizations that can be highly competitive in this new era; and we are looking for clients who share our passion.

A Focus on Performance

Our Performance Equation states that maximum performance can be achieved when people have the ability, willingness and opportunity to perform. The Industrial Age approach to performance was to break these elements into different functions — HR, HRD & OD — and address each factor independently. This created narrowly focused interventions that often yielded minimal results — we often trained people in skills the organization would not let them use.

Our approach to performance is to create Integrated Performance Strategies that develop the ability to perform, create the willingness to perform, and assure that ability and willingness are met with the opportunity to perform — the result is dramatic increases in performance that are sustained over time. By partnering closely with our clients we combine our experience and expertise with their internal experience and expertise to achieve dramatic and sustainable increases in the performance of individuals, teams and organizations. In doing so we can create more agile and responsive organizations that can compete in a world that moves @ the speed of thought.