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Bob Hardy

Dr. Robert E. Hardy is a licensed consulting psychologist whose work has focused upon individual and organizational behavior analysis and modification. In 1971 Dr. Hardy received his doctoral degree in counseling from Western Michigan University, where he was a Mott Foundation Scholar. A Minnesota Licensed Psychologist, he has maintained a consulting practice for over 25 years. This has allowed Dr. Hardy to work with a wide range of individuals, groups, and organizations ranging from incarcerated individuals to professional athletes and corporate executives. These broad experiences have allowed him to achieve his career objective of understanding how individuals and organizations develop self-defeating patterns of behavior and how they can learn various approaches to eliminating such negative patterns.

Bob co-authored the book Self-Defeating Behaviors (Harper/Collins 1991), which was published internationally and continues in circulation. It is considered the classic work on the subject of why people repeat counterproductive, negative behaviors such as weight issues, smoking, drugs and alcohol, depression, worry, procrastination, overcommitting, perfectionism, inappropriate anger, etc.

Bob has applied his model of self-defeating behaviors across a wide range of human behaviors ranging from severe to mild. On the severe side, Bob has worked with incarcerated felons, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder in Vietnam Veterans, and Chronic Pain. His successes include a murderer that gained release and is now a psychologist applying Bob's work, a commendation from the U.S. Congress for his work with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder in Vietnam Veterans, and the establishment of chronic pain programs at Sister Kinney Institute and other health care facilities.

Bob developed Quick Change training to provide individuals with a learning model they can apply to identify and eliminate self-defeating behaviors. Quick Change presents an extremely logical and rational approach to behavior change that participants quickly learn and immediately apply to change a self-defeating behavior. People apply the learning throughout their life to make tough changes in behavior, easy!

In 1996 Bob co-authored The Self-Defeating Organization (Addison-Wesley) in which he applied the principles of self-defeating behaviors to organizations. He found that organizations, like individuals, form conclusions that contain a promise and fear that create the boundaries for normative behaviors. These conclusions become unconscious to most in the organization on a daily basis, making culture change extremely difficult when it is needed. This extremely clear and logical explanation of organizational culture and culture change provides the foundation for our work in defining, analyzing, and changing organizational culture.

Bob combined his work with individuals and organizations to develop Quick Change Coaching, a short but intensive coaching process for managers and executives that many participants have described as a career-saving intervention. This coaching process starts with an accurate assessment of both the individual's behavior and the organizational environment that the person works in. This dual assessment sets up coaching as a problem-solving process where Bob and the participants search for ways to maximize performance in their current environment.

Bob's engaging personality inspires confidence and makes him extremely easy to work with. He is truly one of those people that everyone, from factory worker to CEOs, seems to like.

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