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Doug Peters

Doug Peters has over 25 years experience in training, teambuilding, and organizational development. He is the developer of the Performance Equation, Integrated Performance Strategies, and Third Power Teams.

Doug has a Masters Degree in Communication from the University of Wisconsin — Superior and started his career in Personnel at Green Giant Company where he worked at plant, multi-plant, regional, and headquarters levels of this Fortune 500 organization. He moved on to take an O.D. role at Pickwick International and an internal consulting role for productivity programs at Control Data before becoming an independent consultant.

His role as an Internal Consultant for Productivity Programs at Control Data (CDC) in the early 1980's was a career changing experience. CDC was a world leader in mainframe computers and had just reached 1 billion dollars in sales in its peripheral product business. CDC invented and dominated the computer based education market. In the early 1980's global competition had targeted CDC peripheral products business and CDC responded aggressively by establishing the Productivity Department, bringing in experts from around the world, and benchmarking best practices of other excellent organizations. As a result Doug had the good fortune to study many leading organizations and to work with world experts including Ed Deming on Statistical Process Control and Alan Mogenson on Work Simplification techniques. But, despite this intensive effort CDC lost the competitive battle and is no longer in existence.

The lesson learned at CDC was clear — being one of the biggest and best was no guarantee of success. The “times, they were a changing” and the approach to organizations and business would have to change as well. After CDC, Doug became an independent consultant and devoted his career to developing innovative approaches to maximizing performance on the people side of business.

Doug's skill sets include training, teambuilding and organizational development. An experienced trainer with exceptional design and delivery skills, he has designed and delivered a wide variety of training programs. His major accomplishments include a communications curriculum for Control Data, a five day Management Development Program for 3M, a team curriculum for 3M's Pacing Plus Teams, and Working Together Better for S.C. Johnson Wax.

Creating high performance teams has been an area of specialization for Doug for over 20 years. He has conducted over 500 team training and team building sessions across a wide range of teams, including new product development teams, global business development teams, executive teams, customer service teams, sales teams, project teams, and self-directed work teams.

His experience in organizational development ranges from increasing organizational efficiency in small to mid-size companies to accelerated new product development at 3M Company. His expertise includes defining, analyzing and changing organizational culture and infrastructure.

Doug is an excellent speaker and has presented to large and small groups, including National ASTD, International Pre-Press Association, and International Food Technologist Association, as well as many regional and local organizations.

Resume — Douglas A Peters (PDF)

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