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Organization Surveys

Survey Commander is a web-based survey engine that provides organizations with timely, accurate and broad based feedback — on demand at the click of a mouse. You can survey organizational culture, climate, attitudes, norms, behaviors, and more.

There are an unlimited number of “performance inhibitors” that attack and undermine organizational performance. They can be internal and/or external in origin. They typically go unnoticed until they affect performance, and are often highly resistant to being fixed once they are noticed. Failure to identify and address performance inhibitors creates a competitive disadvantage; in the words of Pogo — “We have met the enemy and it is us!”

Survey Commander organizational surveys provide “real time” organizational intelligence to identify performance inhibitors that are, or will affect performance. They provide management with an overall summary of the organization's performance issues that can be analyzed and prioritized for action.

Survey Commander allows an internal Survey Administrator to develop, initiate, administers and access survey results on-line, as needed. The Administer can initiate a single survey, or create continuous survey that allows individuals to provide feedback in real time to critical issues. The Survey Administer can monitor continuous surveys on a periodic basis to catch organizational issues as they are developing and before they can take a significant toll on performance.

Survey Commander provides each participant with a Home Page that organizes survey administration to make it efficient and easy — especially when faced with multiple surveys. When a new survey is initiated the participant receives an email directing them to their home page to access the survey. One glance at their home page allows participants to see completed surveys, surveys stated by not completed, and new surveys.

Survey Commander 360-degree capability allows organizations to solicit feedback from multiple respondent groups. This provides a broad base of input to scope the depth and breadth of issues, and to see which issues are affecting which groups inside an organization.

Survey Commander surveys are especially useful for Boards of Directors who are increasingly being held accountable for inaction on legal and/ or ethical issues. Survey Commander can assess organizational norms such as truth telling and openness so that executives and Boards can know if they are receiving accurate information and analysis.

Types of Surveys

Survey Commander provides three different types of organizational surveys.

1. Assessment Surveys

These surveys assess organizational performance on specific dimensions. Survey respondents “assess” or make a “judgment” by rating performance on a five-point scale from “Very Poor” to “Excellent.”

2. Performance-ROI Surveys

Performance-ROI surveys prioritize survey results based on the Return on Investment increasing performance on each dimension would deliver. This is achieved through a combination of two ratings — An Assessment Rating and a ROI rating. Multiplying the Assessment Rating by the ROI rating creates a Performance Index.

3. Directional Feedback Surveys

Directional Feedback surveys provide organizations with feedback on what respondents would like them to do “more of” and “less of” to increase performance. These surveys are especially helpful to mid and upper level management who are trying to create the opportunity for individuals, teams and organizations to achieve high performance.


Survey Commander has several key features that increase its value and make it user friendly.

Home Page

Every survey user and respondent has a customized home page that tracks current and past surveys. This significantly decreases the confusion and frustration of trying to keep track of multiple surveys.

Individual Control

When provided with a password, survey commander puts the Internal Administrator in control of surveys, allowing them to get the information they need, when they need it.

Pop-Up Explanation of Questions

Respondents can click on any statement or question and get a pop-up screen with additional explanation of the statement or question. This assures that respondents are interpreting each statement in the same way.

Development of Norms

Survey Commander tracks results of each question or statement in its database to develop organizational norms for team performance.

Trend Analysis

Survey Commander creates a database that can be analyzed to identify trends in performance on specific statements over time. Administrators can use this function to identify trends within the organization.

Training Needs Assessment

The Survey Commander database can be analyzed by the organization to identify corporate wide training needs for teams.

Performance Tracker

The Performance Tracker Option allows the subject of the survey to re-survey at any time and compare the current results with the results from the last survey.

Flexible Demographics

Survey Commander allows you to identify the demographics that are most important to your organization.

Multiple Respondent Groups

Teams can categorize respondents into at least four demographic groups. Surveys also track “self” ratings as an additional respondent group.

Survey Development

We work closely with clients to develop and administer organizational surveys. We can draw on our database of survey statements, use customer generated statements, or a combination of both. Once surveys are loaded on the web site the can be initiated by the internal Administrator on demand.

Secure Web Site

Organizational surveys are administered from a secure web site that is established for each client. Each web site includes the client's name and company logo to increase user confidence.

Survey Commander also allows users to identify key demographics that they want to track within their employee populations.