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Survey Commander

Team Surveys

Survey Commander provides teams with broad based, accurate, and timely feedback on team performance, team dynamics, team leadership, team member performance, team norms, and more — on demand.

It is hard for teams to get timely feedback in their early stages of development. The demands on team member's time and their focus on the task typically make feedback a low priority. Without feedback teams often make the wrong investment decisions and fail to recognize a problem until it affects performance. The result is reduced performance and increased investment costs to achieve high performance.

Accurate and timely feedback guides a teams investment decisions to assure they are always focused on the highest priority development issues. It identifies problems before they significantly affect performance. It dramatically increases the teams ability to do the right things, right the first time when building the team. But that feedback must be timely to be of use, broad based to be accurate, and easily accessed to be productive.

Survey Commander is a web-based survey engine that provides teams with timely, accurate and broad based feedback — on demand at the click of a mouse. Survey Commander makes survey administration easy and efficient by providing each team members with a home page that organizes survey administration and provides access to survey results.

Survey Commander allows the Team Leader to initiate surveys as needed, or to establish a routine schedule of mini-surveys that provide and continuous feedback and monitor progress over time. Survey results are immediately available on-line to the team leader. The leader can chose to share survey results on-line with team members and other respondents to the survey.

Survey Commander 360-degree capability allows the team to solicit feedback from multiple respondent groups. A survey could, for example, solicit feedback from team members, managers of team members, sponsors, key stakeholders, other teams and more. The Survey Commander reports allow the team to review the results for each question, and for each respondent group.

Types of Surveys

Survey Commander provides three different types of team surveys.

1. Assessment Surveys

These surveys assess team performance on specific dimensions. Survey respondents “assess” or make a “judgment” by rating performance on a five-point scale from “Very Poor” to “Excellent.”

2. Performance-ROI Surveys

Performance-ROI surveys prioritize survey results based on the Return on Investment increasing performance on each dimension would deliver. This is achieved through a combination of two ratings — An Assessment Rating and a ROI rating. Multiplying the Assessment Rating by the ROI rating creates a Performance Index.

3. Directional Feedback Surveys

Directional Feedback surveys provide teams with feedback on what respondents would like them to do “more of” and “less of.” This survey provides clear "direction" on what the team has to do to increase their performance with each respondent group. This analysis is accomplished by measuring the “gap” between the current and desired level for each behavior.


Survey Commander has several key features that increase its value and make it user friendly.

Home Page

Every survey user and respondent has a customized home page that tracks current and past surveys. This significantly decreases the confusion and frustration of trying to keep track of multiple surveys.

Individual Control

When provided with a password, survey commander puts the team leader in control of feedback, allowing them to get the information they need, when they need it.

Pop-Up Explanation of Questions

Respondents can click on any statement or question and get a pop-up screen with additional explanation of the statement or question. This assures that respondents are interpreting each statement in the same way.

Development of Norms

Survey Commander tracks results of each question or statement in its database to develop organizational norms for team performance.

Trend Analysis

Survey Commander creates a database that can be analyzed to identify trends in performance on specific statements over time. Team leaders can use this function to track team performance and the organization can use this function to identify trends across teams within the organization.

Training Needs Assessment

The Survey Commander database can be analyzed by the organization to identify corporate wide training needs for teams.

Performance Tracker

The Performance Tracker Option allows the subject of the survey to re-survey at any time and compare the current results with the results from the last survey.

Flexible Demographics

Survey Commander allows you to identify the demographics that are most important to your organization.

Multiple Respondent Groups

Teams can categorize respondents into at least four demographic groups. Surveys also track “self” ratings as an additional respondent group.

Survey Development

Team surveys are custom designed. Clients can submit survey statements or we can design a survey from our database.