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We all have self-defeating behaviors (SDBs) that reduce our performance and make us difficult to work with. These behavioral patterns, or habits, consistently deliver poor results, block out higher performing behaviors, and make it difficult for others to work with us. Procrastination, for example, can block out timely action on critical issues, creating a crisis situation that disrupts the work of others.

We all get just a little defensive and upset when our SDBs are pointed out to us. But others see us as high maintenance and hard to work with. SDBs in managers and executives are very visible and affect the performance of their entire work group.

Quick Change! is an educational model that teaches people how to identify, analyze, and replace their self-defeating behaviors. This logical and actionable process creates a tremendously strong desire to change.

Quick Change! was developed by Dr. Robert Hardy, author of Self-Defeating Behaviors. His clear, easy to apply, step-by-step process allows people to change even the toughest SDBs quickly. His approach has proven successful on SDBs ranging from severe (incarcerated felons) to mild (world class athletes).

Quick Change Coaching and Workshops have been career-saving interventions for those who have received feedback, been sent to training, had traditional coaching, and been put on corrective action—but have not changed. (More)

Why Quick Change?

Quick Change works because it is an extremely logical and actionable model for behavior change. Its power comes from the process of self-discovery and analysis that individuals go through to identify, analyze, and eliminate self-defeating behaviors. This process replaces resistance to change with a tremendous desire for change as individuals realize how hard it is to keep an SDB compared to how easy it is to change behaviors.

Traditional approaches fail because they start by assuming people are resistant to change and they do not address the root cause behind the behavior. The person is seen as broken and in need of repair.

Quick Change believes that people are not resistant to change. As Dr. Hardy says, They have the right idea; they just have the wrong behavior! Quick Change realizes the root cause is not the behavior but the fear that is driving the behavior. (More)


Superior ideas to increase performance.

Bob Gainey, General Manager
Montreal Canadiens

For a number of years, we have been using Dr. Hardy for training and executive consulting. His models/theories have been very well received, and his individual consulting is superior.

Denise Rutherford, Ph.D.
Managing Director
3M Belgium

Dr. Hardy is one of the most original thinkers I have ever met. He is widely respected, and is considered a leader in the field of behavioral change.

Dr. Fred Clary
Weight Lifting — World Record Holder
Director, Advanced Injury Rehabilitation, LTD

The most detailed examination of self-defeating behavior I have ever read. Contains some very useful methods of defeating self-defeatism.

Albert Ellis, Ph.D.
Author of A New Guide to Rational Living

Quick Change Overview (PDF)

Quick Change Workshop

Target Audience

All organizational levels


Interactive workshop with presentations, small group activities, and individual learning. The workshop has two facilitators to provide individual coaching on SDBs.


Dr. Robert Hardy and Douglas Peters


One Day

Class Size

Up to 15 Participants




Participant Workbook, Dr. Hardy's Self-Defeating Behavior Book, SDB Personal Work Book.


Typically requires minimal customization for different audiences.




  1. Quick Change Theory Base
  2. Identify Self-Defeating Behaviors
  3. Analyze Self-Defeating Behaviors
  4. Replace Self-Defeating Behaviors

The workshop is designed for participants to learn the SDB model and immediately apply it to a current SDB. Participants leave the workshop with a do plan for changing a specific SDB and the ability to change any SDB in the future.

Limited enrollment and two facilitators allows for a great deal of individual coaching throughout the workshop. (More)

Public Workshops


June 23, 2008
September 15, 2008
October 20, 2008
November 10, 2008

Minneapolis, Minnesota
Minneapolis, Minnesota
Tampa, Florida
San Diego, California


$695/person* (* Send three people for the price of two!)

Target Audience

Professional, Technical, and All Levels of Management


Workshop Overview (Download PDF)


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Quick Change Coaching

Patterns of low performance by key managers and executives are very visible and can affect the performance of entire work groups. Quick Change can eliminate these self-defeating behaviors and get individuals and workgroups back on the road to high performance.

Quick Change coaching is a short and intensive learning process that leads to dramatic changes in behaviors in as little as four to six weeks. Based on the work of Dr. Robert Hardy in his book Self-Defeating Behaviors, Quick Change Coaching helps people make tough changes in behavior easy. Bob even offers a phone counseling option for use with his workbooks listed below. (More)

Quick Change Workbooks

These self-instructional workbooks are designed to address some of the more common self-defeating behaviors. Each workbook is customized with examples for its specific target group and contains examples, exercises, cartoons, and activities to make the workbook fun and entertaining as well as productive.

First the workbook takes you through a process of identifying the specific self-defeating behaviors that you want to eliminate. Next you go through a process of analyzing your self-defeating behavior, bringing the self-defeating process to a conscious level where changes can be made. Finally the workbook walks you through a process for replacing your self-defeating behavior with higher performing behaviors. (More)