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Working Together Better (WTB)

Personal & Interpersonal Effectiveness

WTB is a comprehensive training curriculum of 5 modular workshops that build a solid foundation of personal and interpersonal effectiveness. WTB maximizes individual performance by increasing people's ability to:

  1. Understand Self
  2. Understand and value differences
  3. Build work relationships
  4. Create shared understanding on complex and emotional issues
  5. Resolve conflicts productively
  6. Eliminate self-defeating behaviors that limit performance

These abilities maximize performance in critical business processes such as planning, decision-making, problem solving, communicating, creating high performance teams, applying learning and adjusting to changing circumstances.

Working Together Better:
Learning Objectives

Personal Operating Manual (POM)

The Personal Operating Manual is positioned as pre-work for each of the first four WTB training modules. POM is a self-study guide that takes individuals on an introspective journey to understand self and to identify and analyze behavioral patterns that are driven by individual personality and style.

Personal Operating Manual

Sample Client Applications

Control Data (CDC)

The content for WTB was initially developed as a communication curriculum for Control Data Company Managers. These workshops were delivered to all US CDC managers and were marketed to other companies (e.g., AT&T) through Control Data Business Advisors.

3M Company

WTB content was designed into the first three days of 3M's weeklong Management Development Program (MDP). This program was delivered to all 3M Managers and Executives over a ten-year period.

SC Johnson Wax

WTB was delivered to SC Johnson Wax IT organization as a follow-up to diversity training; to their R&D organization as a tool to integrate people from an acquisition into the laboratory; and to their Wal-Mart Sales team as a teambuilding program.


WTB was delivered to Onvoy as part of an organizational development effort in this start-up telecommunications company. This design including applications activities for intact work groups to strengthen work relationships.


WTB was delivered as a train-the-trainer event to a global group of HR managers who would deliver the content to their respective countries.

Hutchinson Technology Inc. (HTI)

WTB is an integral part of HTI's “soft skills” training that is aimed at maximize performance on the people side of their business. WTB is available across the organization through open enrollment sessions. HTI also licensed the Quick Change module and developed a computer-based workshop to allow all employees access to this learning. A five hour program that focuses on valuing differences and communicating through conflict was developed for HTI production level employees.

Six Sigma, LEAN Manufacturing

WTB was an intricate part in implementing Six Sigma and LEAN manufacturing in the New Ulm plants of Kodak, Parker-Hannifin, and Windings. WTB created the foundation of personal and interpersonal effectiveness needed to maximize collaboration on the implementation of these tools.

Participant Comments

“Best workshop I have ever attended!”

We don't please all the people, all the time; but most people really love our work.

“I have seen some of this before, but never put together in such a powerful way!”

People respond very positively to the logic and flow of the design because each workshop builds on the learning of the previous workshop.

“The facilitators are great! They really know their stuff!”

Participants appreciate our experience and expertise.

“Everybody needs to go through this course!”

Participants see the value in WTB and often drive delivery across their organizations.

“It really makes you think!”

Participants find answers to some of their most basic questions and concerns about dealing with people.

“I never got bored, it kept my attention the whole time!”

Our high-energy delivery and engaging content makes the time fly by. We seldom get complaints about being bored or the content being impractical.

“We needed more time!”

We never have participants complaining that we did not need all the time scheduled for the workshops — typically they want more.

“This really helped me understand myself and how I relate to others!”

By helping people understand themselves, we help them make better choices in their behaviors.

Workshop Specifications
Working Together Better

Target Audience

Individuals at all organizational levels.

Intact work groups.


Blend of classroom, self-assessment and self-paced learning. Class time consists of five training modules delivered one week apart. The Personal Operating Manual includes four self-assessments and self-paced study guide.


The five training modules are each 1-day in length. Personal Operating Manual requires 6 to 10 hours of individual time.

Class Size

20 Participants


Four self-assessment instruments and self-paced study guide


Participant Binder, Personal Operating Manual, and 4 web-based self-assessment instruments


Content, design, and delivery are customizable for different populations.



Volume discounts for multiple deliveries.

Working Together Better:
Workshop Brochure

Content Overview

MODULE 1: Understanding and Valuing Differences

This workshop turns individual differences into a source of organizational strength that increases performance. Participants learn, It's what's different about you that will make us more successful. This attitude allows participants to see individual and functional differences as an organizational strength that increases innovation, provides needed insight and understanding, and drives performance.

MODULE 2: Building Work Relationships

This workshop creates a culture of trust and personal risk taking. Participants learn an actionable model for building strong work relationships — a process that creates high levels of trust and personal risk taking between individuals and within work groups or teams.

MODULE 3: Creating Shared Understanding

This workshop makes communications an organizational strength. Participants learn an actionable process for creating shared understanding on complex and emotional issues - a process that maximizes clarity and credibility. Failure to create shared understanding on critical issues results in bad decisions, in-action, unproductive conflict, damaged relationships, blaming, and different views of “reality” — all of which reduce performance.

MODULE 4: Productive Conflict

This workshop develops action-oriented people who work collaboratively to resolve conflicts. Participants learn an actionable process for resolving conflicts quickly, productively and with minimal stress. This process establishes a common language and tools for conflict resolution that minimize personality and politics while maximizing information and analysis — resulting in increased results and more innovative and creative solutions to conflicts.

MODULE 5: Quick Change

This workshop maximizes individual performance by making people easier to work with. Participants learn an actionable process for quickly eliminating self-defeating behaviors such as procrastinating, perfectionism, not listening, inappropriate anger, avoiding cold calls, micro managing, withholding information, avoiding conflict, or being overly critical. Quick Change is based on an educational model that allows participants to make tough changes in behaviors quickly and easily over the course of their career.

Working Together Better:
Module Overviews & Agendas


The content of WTB, personal and interpersonal effectiveness, applies to people at every level of an organization. The content, design and delivery of WTB are easily customized to meet the needs of specific groups within the organization. We have customized WTB for delivery to different organizational levels, to intact work groups, and to support continuous improvement programs.

WTB workshops can be unbundled for individual delivery. This “cafeteria” approach allows you to select just those modules that are needed to increase performance.

The content of WTB can be designed into other training efforts. We will work with you to select the content you need, design the content it into your training effort, and even deliver the training if needed.